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” “Sure,” I said, expecting her to ask me something about my personal life, or what my opinion was about some particular issue, man how wrong could I have been. “You what,” I asked almost spluttering in shock at the odd question.“I’m sorry,” Laurie, said when she saw how stunned I was, “I should never have asked such a personal question, please forgive me and forget I ever asked you for such an intimate piece of information.” “It’s ok,” I said, “I don’t mind, I was just taken aback for a moment,” I continued trying to sooth her embarrassment.“Can I ask why you’re so curious about how well hung I am?On 6/9/1954, a category F4 tornado 31.6 miles away from the city center killed one person and caused between ,000 and 0,000 in damages.Create your free account today and begin hooking up with Odebolt Swingers right away! No, at JJ's we go all night/weekend long and you can stay on premises - no need to rent a motel!Destiny's July 22nd Basement Party - On-premise swingers basement party at Destiny's Basement - Destiny's Basement is ready and waiting for you all to have some great fun among great people, and the basement is the perfect place for first timers and couples that don't like big crowds, or are just curious on how people play. JJ's is located in beautiful Pahrump, Nevada; a short, scenic drive from Las Vegas.

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Anyway after the usual chit-chat, such as nice day, lousy weather, can you believe what the damn government is up to now and the such, she absolutely floored my one day by coming out with the most outlandish question I think anyone has ever asked me.

As usual after dropping off our respective wards, we sauntered back to our vehicles talking about nothing in particular. “Gerry, can I ask you something on a rather personal level? ” She asked, her face turning bright red as she blurted out her question.

Letty started as a promotions assistant at KIIS/fm in 2006 and became part-time fill-in personality in early 2015. While attending school at Cal State Long Beach, she joined KIIS/fm as part of the Street Team, and eventually received a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Post-graduation, Letty held down the midday slot at stations in Palm Springs, Monterey and San Francisco before returning home to KIIS.

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At the age of 70, he decided to get his pilots license.

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