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And they are brothers and sisters, and they have fun and they squabble and they fight, just like any other family.

And it makes me so proud.” "There is no limit to the amount of attention, kindness and warmth our families and friends - the “aunties” and “uncles” - shower on our daughter.

"At the end of the day, Sandy turned to me and said, ‘Okay I get it.’ She had experienced firsthand the tornado that is ‘Tuohy time,’ and we were off and running." "Once I saw the whole package, I realized why John couldn’t explain her," the actress states. By the end of one day with Leigh Anne, I was exhausted.

"She manages to do what she wants to do in the manner she wants to do it.

June‘s image remained wholesome throughout her career.

Johnny was a bit of a loner, not only credited with roughing up country music's clean-cut image, but blighting his own through drug and alcohol addiction.

After leaving the South as a young man and finding employment at an elite hotel in Washington, D.

C., Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is hired as a butler at the White House.

It turned into a full day spent with Leigh Anne and everything that involves: craziness and mayhem and fun and laughter and getting a lot of stuff done in very short order.Over a year later, she is thriving in an environment of love and care." Vardalos, who admits she is now a "giddy idiot" on Mother's Day asks, "Please, on Mother’s Day, have some compassion.If you see someone without kids, do not ask them why they don’t have children, why they don’t just adopt, or if they are pregnant. Be quiet and pass the dip."Kate Adie (journalist) Edward Albee (playwright) Maya Angelou (poet and author) John J.Looking back at their history, it's really no surprise that Johnny and June Carter Cash were drawn to one another.Both were born into families who embraced country music, both could command a stage.

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