Hearing people dating the deaf

You can talk with new and old friends about deaf or ASL issues, cultures, religions, work, sports, lives and more. We will spend time going out and getting to know more about each other. We found happiness in each other thanks to the website.

) while others are more flexible, saying it depends more on the individual.

I don't use Deaf with a capital D because those who use Deaf with a capital D are part of a specific community, with sign language as their primarily means of communication.

I'm deaf with a lower case d because I can't hear without the use of cochlear implants, but I never learned sign language and don't have much of a desire to.

The difficulties boil down to a few major areas: cultural difference, communication difference, and power dynamics.

Cultural difference: You know how they say "women are from Venus, men are from Mars"? We really DO think and perceive things differently from Hearing people in many ways.

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