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Does it always end in divorce, or perhaps head-butting once there are children? Am I asking for trouble if I move forward with this girl? It wouldn’t surprise me in a more fundy congregation. I am not going to argue point by point on your responses to me (though I could). Or the kids who go bat-shit crazy because they can't keep the org's rules, and figure they are going to die in Armageddon (which is any minute now) which will result in their permament death (eternal unconsciousness) so they do every damn thing that will give them a cheap thrill and damn the consequences.What experiences do y'all have when it comes to dating Mormons/JW etc? I will say with respect to the John Denver concert that he apparently wanted to provoke a crowd. Or the couple in our congregation who didn't have work on their teeth done because Armageddon was coming too soon ..was in the 70s! Or the people relegated to minimum wage jobs because college was "frowned on" or "discouraged" or whatever weasel words you and the org want to use.Here are 12 most outrageous facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Most men are already engaged or married leaving lots of women single by default, and at times desperate to find a mate.

If the woman drives the man may sit on the back seat of the car.

Single men in the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses know that there are outnumbered by single women, so they like to take advantage of that fact by playing with women feelings at times.

CRAZY in my opinion, but he seems to be very cautious. Lets not become the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. I would have a real problem with any belief that condonshunning or dis-fellowship.

I remember when he began to stay the night with me, he said his mother wanted to have my address, just incase if something should happen to him, but I do not think he gave my address to his mother. I want there to be a future for us, but everything about his belief and or practice says that it may not work. God does not disown us because we make mistakes or confused about the path one should take.

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