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The second time you take the class, your emotions may be a little more settled allowing you to get more from the class. At the same time as I was going through separation and divorce, some other people I know (either well or quite casually) were also going through the same thing.

Now I am in a leadership role in Divorce Care at the same church. Some of them were Christians, and some of them were not.

My thoughts in this post are my own opinions as developed through my own experiences and observations of others I have seen wrestle with dating and divorce.

One of the topics that’s covered in Divorce Care, and a question that every divorced person must face at some point, “When should I date again? If you have children, there are additional considerations…but that’s a post for another day.

” When you’re out on a date and you’ve got thoughts and questions swirling in your head that you don’t know the answers to, it’s likely you’re feeling anxious. If you let them, your uncomfortable feelings and moments will pass. Keep redirecting your focus to the person across from you. If you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself, ask your date a question, or for their opinion about something. Do it at home with a You Tube video 5 minutes a day for a week. The benefits you will gain will far outweigh the negative stigma that you may have attached to it. Aleeza Ben Shalom is the Marriage Minded Mentor you can count on when you want clarity in dating for marriage.

This truth is the counterpart in the supernatural order of the natural law of human solidarity.I could call him after a stressful day at work and vent to him for hours, where he would summarise every word I said in a few sentences, bringing me to revelations, not unlike the magical skills of a trained counsellor.The question of whether dating a non-Christian was right or wrong seemed a hapless waste of time in that moment.My girlfriend told me that her fiancé constantly asks her “what does God say about you?” when she is feeling low about herself, initiating a study on Psalm 139 as a couple.

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