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But the fact remains that each popular depiction of gay life helped encourage networks to take chances on others, and today there’s unprecedented diversity in representation of sexuality on television, as shown in programs like Did any of this matter to the Supreme Court, which just declared gay marriage a legal right?

Antonin Scalia, whose dissent charged the majority with orchestrating a “super-legislative” power grab, clearly thinks the justices were influenced by popular attitudes and emotions rather than the idea that equal protection under the law applies to marriage.

The broadened investigation to an increasing number of websites underscores the complexity of policing social media sites where sensitive images can be uploaded in an instant for all to see.

He wore a rainbow pin on his lapel, a ring through his nose and a gold anchor around his neck.The show became one of the few cross-culturally appealing TV works of the Obama years, viewed in red states and blue states, name-checked by Ann Romney and the president alike.A 2012 poll found that 27 percent of likely voters said that depictions of gay characters on TV made them more pro-gay marriage, and there are news accounts of people crediting their newfound sympathy toward gay people to .“They never stop to think: Oh, maybe that's just who I am.” And yet, the teacher acknowledged, there was a certain social significance in his decision to dress as himself to a White House that has revoked federal protections for transgender students, erased an LGBT rights page from its website and hired at least one adviser who appears to believe in gay conversion.Beacon - a small school in Woonsocket - has nearly a dozen transgender students, Giannopoulos said. They're not feeling they're going to be supported.” He said he's been working with them to write the school's bathroom policies, after the Trump administration revoked federal guarantees that they could use the ones matching their gender identity.

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